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  15.07 16.07 17.07 18.07 19.07































Mon 14.07 19h  - Cinemaison | Tue 15 Jul 13h - Livraria Cultura Cine Vitória


Mes souliers rouges

Meus sapatos vermelhos

My Red Shoes

Kaveh and Fariba were twenty years old in 1979. They were Marxist students when the Iranian Revolution turned their country and their ideals of revolution and liberty upside down.
Combining gripping personal accounts, scenes of daily life, metaphysical digressions and souvenir footage shot in super 8 and Hi8, MY RED SHOES is a luminous film about commitment, values and transmission after a private and political catastrophe.
Entirely shot in the family home of the director, this film tells how History remains through intimate life and generations even after exile.
It’s a compelling appeal to survival as a passionate quest to find meaning in our life.
Prêmio Especial do Júri, Competição de Documentários Muhr AsiaAfrica, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Dubai-Emirados Árabes Unidos 2013/Special Jury Award, Muhr AsiaAfrica Documentary Competition, Dubai International Film Festival-United Arab Emirates 2013
80min, color
France, 2013
DIR Sara Rastegar
R Sara Rastegar
P Sara Rastegar
F Sara Rastegar
S Sara Rastegar
M Sara Rastegar, Cécile Frey
Sara Rastegar




Tue 15.07 17h 

A idade da pedra
The Age of Stone

A voyage into the far west of Brazil leads us to a monumental structure - petrified at the center of the savannah. Inspired by the epic construction of the city of Brasília, the film uses this history to imagine it otherwise. Through the geological traces that lead us to this monument, the film unearths a history of exploration, prophecy and myth.

29min, color

Brazil-France, 2013 

DIR Ana Vaz
R Ana Vaz
E Ivonete dos Santos Moraes

Natalia Trebik Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains 




Rio 2016

This is another kind of childhood. Two gymnasts, Teodora and Andreea aged 13 and 11, are training to make it to the national team of gymnastics. This is a hope to gold medals in a sport that made history for Romania. A story about ambition, dreams, about a daily battle with self. An effort that takes several years and the results will be seen in a single year, a single summer. The question is: Who will go to Rio?

28min, color
Romania, 2013 

DIR Bianca Rotaru
R Bianca Rotaru
P Bianca Rotaru
F Bianca Rotaru

Simona Mantarlian
Universitatea Nationala de Arta Teatrala si Cinematografica (UNATC)


La Isla 
A ilha 

A group of people gather for a family reunion in a house on an isolated island. They are waiting for the last person to join them, but as the evening comes and he doesn’t arrive, a strange anxiety overwhelms them. The group dismantles and the family members wander away from the house separately, confronting the sea and an unspoken fear that slowly consumes them.

Prêmio Tiger para Curta-metragem, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Roterdã-Holanda 2014/Tiger Award for Short Film, International Film Festival Rotterdam-Netherlands 2014

30min, color
Chile-Poland-Denmark, 2013

Dominga Sotomayor & Katarzyna Klimkiewicz
R Dominga Sotomayor, Katarzyna Klimkiewicz
P Rebeca Gutiérrez Campos, Tine Fischer, Patricia Drati, Jan Naszewski
DA Valentina MacPherson
M Catalina Marín
ES Julia Huberman
E Rosa García-Huidobro, Francisca Castillo, Gabriela Aguilera, Niles Atallah, Eliseo Atallah, Carmen Couve, Ida Delgado


Laura Pischek
New Europe Film Sales






Wed 16.07 17h 


Quiara Ah!

A story based on real facts trying to raise questions about the ethics of filmmakers facing real life. A young Chilean actress, during an audition, revives traumatizing experiences from her past, brought to life by the eagerness of the director to see authentic suffering.

17min, color
France-Romania, 2014

DIR Eva Pervolovici
R Eva Pervolovici
P Eva Pervolovici, Benoit Maerens 
F Diana Vidrascu
M Eva Pervolovici
E Paloma Valdebenito, Frederic Fisbach, Marguerite Lantz, Arthur Peron, Madalina Constantin

Eva Pervolovici




In an imaginary musical world, a young woman seeks escape, loses herself and tests her own limits. Gradually she must open up in order to reinvent herself.

Prêmio Especial do Júri, SIGGRAPH Asia-China 2013/Special Jury Award, SIGGRAPH Asia-China 2013

11min, color
France, 2013

Nadia Micault
E Émilia Giudicelli

Jeanne-Victoire David
Autour de Minuit



Palabras Mágicas (para romper um encantamiento) 
Palavras mágicas (para quebrar um feitiço)
Magic Words (Breaking a Spell) 


In Lake Managua, reside the dissolved ashes of Sandino. Will the contents change the container? Lake Xolotlan is possessed by him, Sandino. If this is true then this is all of Managua, because it is the city´s sewer and the waste comes from us all. The director is like this lake that, like Nicaragua, is not like a flowing river always renovating itself, for she hoards and saves. The film is her emotional perspective of the revolution in Nicaragua.

Menção Honrosa, Festival da Lembrança-México 2012; Prêmio AMC, Festival Internacional de Documentários da Cidade do México 2012; Melhor Roteiro para Documentário e Narração, Prêmio de Pós-produção e Valor, Festival Tela de Cristal Iconográfica-México 2012; Prêmio do Público para Melhor Filme Latino-americano e Menção do Júri, Festival Internacional de Cinema do Uruguai 2013; Melhor Documentário, Festival Latino-americano de Cinema Lakino Berlim-Alemanha 2013/Special Mention, Festival of Remembrance-Mexico 2012; AMC Award, International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City-Mexico 2012; Best Documentary Screenplay, Narrator, Post Production and Value Award, Iconographic Crystal Screen Festival-Mexico 2012; Audience Award for Best Latin American Film and Jury Mention, International Film Festival of Uruguay 2013; Best Documentary, Latin American Film Festival Lakino Berlin-Germany 2013

80min, color
Mexico, 2012

DIR Mercedes Moncada
P Mercedes Moncada, Jorge Sánchez 
M Mercedes Cantero

Vanesa Gutierrez Toca
Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE)





Thu 17.07 17h


Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship
Como ratos abandonando um navio

Rats are glorious deserters and we must admire them. Rats don’t want to be captains trying to keep the cause afloat. But swim on open water.

Prêmio do Júri da Competição Alemã, Festival Internacional de Curtas-metragens de Hamburgo-Alemanha 2012; Indicação ao Prêmio Ingmar Bergman, Festival Internacional de Curtas-metragens de Uppsala-Suécia 2012; Menção Honrosa, Festival de Cinema Independente l’Alternativa de Barcelona-Espanha 2012; 1o Prêmio Categoria Curta Documental, Festival Internacional de Cinema e Vídeo de Athens-EUA 2013/Jury Award German Competition, Hamburg International Short Film Festival-Germany 2012; Nomination Ingmar Bergman Award, Uppsala International Short Film Festival-Sweden 2012; Special Mention, Barcelona Independent Film Festival l’Alternativa-Spain 2012; 1st Prize Short Documentary Category, Athens International Film+Video Festival-USA 2013

25min, color
Germany, 2012

DIR Vika Kirchenbauer
R Vika Kirchenbauer
P Vika Kirchenbauer

Vika Kirchenbauer


Três semanas em dezembro 
Three Weeks In December 


It is a personal story that enhances the family bonds, using sketchbook drawings and the family as reference, this film follows a diaristic format, showing several situations and events that are part of the culture and routine in Belmonte, during Christmas time.

Prêmio Jovem Cineasta Português, Cinanima - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Animação de Espinho-Portugal 2013; Prêmio Primeiro Olhar, Encontros Internacionais de Viana do Castelo-Portugal 2014; Melhor Curta de Estudante Português pelo Júri Junior, Monstra Festival de Animação de Lisboa-Portugal 2014/Young Portuguese Filmmaker Award, Cinanima International Animation Film Festival-Portugal 2013; First Look Award, Viana do Castelo International Encounters-Portugal 2014; Best Portuguese Student Film by the Young Jury, Monstra Animation Festival of Lisbon-Portugal 2014

6min, color
Portugal, 2013

DIR Laura Gonçalves
R Laura Gonçalves
P Laura Gonçalves
A Laura Gonçalves
M Laura Gonçalves
S Laura Gonçalves

Salette Ramalho
Agência da Curta Metragem


Habibi Bistanani and il Bahar
Meu amor me espera ao mar
My Love Awaits Me by the Sea 


A poetic documentary narrating the story of the director who takes a first time journey back to her homeland, Palestine. She leaves a secluded reality and follows a lover whom she has never met, a Palestinian artist who discovers a beautiful and utopian world. Fairytale and reality are woven together to ask the question about the elusive place, and the need to believe in dreams.

80min, color
Jordan-Germany-Palestine-Qatar, 2013

DIR Mais Darwazah
P Rula Nasser, Michel Balagué
F Arlette Girardot, Joude Gorani
MU Cynthia Zaven

Rula Nasser
The Imaginarium Films





Fri 18.07 17h


Do serca Twego
Para vosso coração
To Thy Heart

He was so handsome, with his jet-black hair, standing by the swing. When he smiled, eyes would stand on end. It was schizophrenic - he was so messed up that she would do whatever he said. She wanted to listen to his sweet-talking, wanted him to talk until the moon was up. Then she stopped pinning her hopes on him. She couldn't let him off so easily for his betrayal.

Menção Honrosa, Festival de Cinema de Cracóvia-Polônia 2013/Special Mention, Krakow Film Festival-Poland 2013

10min, color
Poland, 2013

DIR Ewa Borysewicz
P Malgorzata Bosek, Marek Serafińsk
F Ewa Borysewicz, Jakub Pierzchala

Zofia Scislowska
Krakow Film Foundation



Je suis comme je suis
Sou como sou
I am as I am

In this poem, a woman speaks to us about herself, about seduction, to accept us as we are. She embodies the beauty of all women.

3min, color
France, 2014

Marion Auvin
R Marion Auvin
P Delphine Maury

Jeanne-Victoire David
Autour de Minuit





Silent Ones

Em silêncio


Csilla, a young Eastern European woman, and Isti, her little brother, are travelling together without a clear destination, looking for a better life. One day, Csilla wakes up inside a crashed car, in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where Isti is. He has vanished, without a trace. Upset and alone, Csilla leaves aboard a cargo ship heading to Western Europe. She flees her country and her past to keep a promise she made to him. But the world she’s left behind won’t let her go that easily.

Melhor Fotografia e Ator Coadjuvante, Festival de Cinema Europeu de Lecce-Itália 2013; Melhor Filme, Festival do Primeiro Filme Scenecs-Holanda 2013; Melhor Longa-metragem, Festival de Cinema Independente de Berlim-Alemanha 2014; Melhor Fotografia e Menção Honrosa para Longa-metragem Ficcional, Festival de Cinema Independente Feminino de Los Angeles-EUA 2014/Best Cinematography & Supporting Actor, European Film Festival Lecce-Italy 2013; Best Film, Scenecs International Debut Film Festival-Netherlands 2013; Best Feature Film, Berlin Independent Film Festival-Germany 2014; Best Cinematography & Honorable Mention Narrative Feature, Los Angeles Women's Independent Film Festival-USA 2014

97min, color
Netherlands-Hungary, 2013

DIR Ricky Rijneke
R Ricky Rijneke
P Mildred van Leeuwaarden, Dirk Rijneke
M Ricky Rijneke
E Orsi Toth, Roland Raba, Fatih Dervisoglu

Mildred van Leeuwaarden
Rotterdam Films /






Tue 15.07 19h


Memória da memória
Memory of the Memory

The one with no boundaries, filled with affection and imagination.

26min, color
RJ, 2013

 Paula Gaitán

Paula Gaitán






Before leaving, my mother asked us to take her to Arpoador, an area of Rio de Janeiro made of a big rock by the side of the beach. “Arpoador” means “the one who harpoons, that throws the harpoon to fish”. It’s said the place is called this way because it was a privileged area for whaling.  

20min, color
RJ, 2014

DIR Ana Costa Ribeiro
F Ana Costa Ribeiro
M Ana Costa Ribeiro
E Carlos Costa Ribeiro, Tetê Sá (locução/narration)

Ana Costa Ribeiro
Gaivota Studio


Poder dos afetos
Power of Affections

The film takes place in an idyllic scenery, dealing with “brazilianness” and its strength in transforming traditions, challenging prejudices and conveying a magical and original reality through its unsettling characters.

30min, color
SP, 2013

DIR Helena Ignez
R Helena Ignez
P Michele Matalon, Eduardo Raccah, Carlos de Oliveira, Daniela Verde
MU Guilherme Vaz, Dan Nakagawa, Helena Ignez
E Ney Matogrosso, Simone Spoladore, Djin Sganzerla, Dan Nakagawa, Roberto Alencar

Helena Ignez
Mercúrio Produções





Wed 16.07 19h


Luna e Cinara
Luna and Cinara

Luna and Cinara go to the Movies.

Menção Honrosa, Panorama Coisa de Cinema-Brasil 2012; Menção Honrosa, Goiânia Mostra Curtas-Brasil 2013/Special Mention, Panorama Coisa de Cinema-Brazil 2012; Special Mention, Goiânia Shorts Showcase-Brazil 2013

14min, color
RJ, 2012

DIR Clara Linhart
Clara Linhart
E Luna Galano Mochcovitch, Cinara Magalhães Neves

Clara Linhart





Grace is a synchronized swimmer who tries to overcome her own body. Underwater, she plunges in her inner world.

Melhor Atriz, Festival Curta Santos-Brasil 2013; Menção Honrosa para Fotografia, Festival Brasil de Cinema Internacional-Brasil 2013/Best Actress, Santos Shorts Festival-Brazil 2013; Special Mention for Cinematography, Brazil International Film Festival-Brazil 2013

15min, color
RJ, 2013

DIR Anna Clara Peltier
R Anna Clara Peltier
P Giulia Setembrino
DA Mariana Jannuzzi
FI Monique Argalji
M Marília Moraes
E Laura Miccuci, Deborah Olivieri

Anna Clara Peltier
Eterna Filmes


Outro Sertão
Another Sertão


The film recalls João Guimarães Rosa’s stay in Nazi Germany, the film rescues the experience of the former Hamburg vice-consul between 1938 and 1942. Archival footage of the time, documents, statement from people who met him, one unpublished interview with the writer himself, letters, stories and off-the-record notes reveal new aspects of his biography. Unpublished documents and testimonies of Jews who fled to Brazil via Hamburg, as well as statements of friends and critics, recreate the Rosa’s experience at the moment.

Prêmio Especial do Júri, Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro-Brasil 2013; Prêmio do Público para Melhor Documentário Nacional, Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo-Brasil 2013/Special Jury Award, Brasília Brazilian Film Festival-Brazil 2013; Audience Award for Best Brazilian Documentary, São Paulo International Film Festival-Brazil 2013

73min, color
ES, 2013

DIR Adriana Jacobsen & Soraia Vilela
Adriana Jacobsen, Soraia Vilela
P Beatriz Lindenberg 
M Isabela Monteiro de Castro

Adriana Jacobsen & Soraia Vilela /




Thu 17.07 19h


Os irmãos Mai
The Mai Brothers

Two brothers need to find a gift for their grandmother. The more they walk, the further they seem from achieving their goal.

Melhor Direção e Fotografia, Mostra Marília de Cinema-Brasil 2013; Melhor Filme e Ator, Vitória Cine Vídeo-Brasil 2013; Melhor Direção, Curta Cinema-Brasil 2013; Melhor Fotografia e Ator, Amazonas Film Festival-Brasil 2013; Melhor Filme, Araribóia Cine-Brasil 2013; Melhor Filme, Cine Mube Vitrine Independente-Brasil 2014/Best Direction & Cinematography, Marília Film Showcase-Brazil 2013; Best Film & Actor, Vitória Film+Video-Brazil 2013; Best Direction, Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival-Brazil 2013; Best Cinematography & Actor, Amazonas Film Festival-Brazil 2013; Best Film, Araribóia Film Fest-Brazil 2013; Best Film, Cine Mube Independent Showcase-Brazil 2014

19min, color
SP, 2013

DIR Thais Fujinaga
Thais Fujinaga
P Gustavo Maximiliano, Thais Fujinaga
E Luis Mai, Recardo Mai

Thais Fujinaga




Xuxa Lopes prepares herself for one more theater première. Memories, intimacies and family conflicts perpass the stories told to her friend Sara throughout the rehearsal process.

19min, color
RJ, 2013

DIR Sofia Saadi
Sofia Saadi
P Carol Padilha
DA Mayra Sergio, Mariana Januzzi
FI Gabriela Campos
E Xuxa Lopes, Sara Antunes

Sofia Saadi
La Niña Produções


O filme de Teta
Teta's Film


The documentary follows Teta’s routine, a native from Recife who has just been through a great change in her life. Every Sunday she goes back to the place that sheltered her for years. There, between affection and stories, she revives part of her past. However, besides it all and with much hope, something conducts her to other places and it’s the conscience of her role which makes her follow other paths.

62min, color
PE, 2013

DIR Raquel do Monte
R Raquel do Monte, Marcelo Lordello
P Natália Villar

Raquel do Monte





Fri 18.07 19h


Até o céu leva mais ou menos 15 minutos
It takes about 15 minutes to get to heaven


Two mothers, three children, a car. 15-minute drive from a children’s party to home, leaving in an apparently uncontrollable chaos until the extreme relaxation, in a situation which oscillates between the undistinguishable limits of documentary and fiction.

Prêmio Aquisição Portacurtas - Júri Popular, Festival do Rio-Brasil 2013; Menção Especial do Júri e Menção Honrosa do Júri Janela Crítica, Janela Internacional de Cinema de Recife-Brasil 2013; Menção Honrosa, Amazonas Film Festival-Brasil 2013; Melhor Documentário, Festival de Teresina-Brasil 2013/Portacurtas Acquisition Audience Award, Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival-Brazil 2013; Special Mention of the Jury & Special Mention of the Critics, Janela Internacional de Cinema de Recife-Brazil 2013; Special Mention, Amazonas Film Festival-Brazil 2013; Best Documentary, Teresina Festival-Brazil 2013

13min, color
CE, 2013

DIR Camila Battistetti
R Camila Battistetti
P Camila Battistetti
E Dinorah Carvalho, Lino Araujo, Ian Araujo

Camila Battistetti
Dona Bela Amores e Filmes



Guida, a sweet lady who works as an archivist at the city Forum for the past 30 years, has her tedious routine modified as she comes across an ad for live modeling in a cultural center. Through the creative sensibility of the character, the film proposes a reflection about the comeback of artistic inspiration, art as a transforming agent and the concept of beauty.

12min, color
SP, 2014

DIR Rosana Urbes
R Rosana Urbes
P Belisa Proença
DA Rosana Urbes 
M Belisa Proença
S Ana Luiza Pereira

Rosana Urbes
RR Animação de Filmes


Rio Cigano
Gypsy River

A gypsy woman goes on a journey in order to rescue a good childhood friend from the clutches of a bloodthirsty countess.

81min, color
SP, 2013

DIR Julia Zakia
R Julia Zakia, Georgette Fadel
DA Monica Palazzo
M Ide Lacreta
E Georgette Fadel, Leuda Bandeira, Jerry Gilli, Mariana Senne

Julia Zakia
Gato do Parque







Tue 15.07 15h


Vago Vizinho
Vacant Neighbor


Three characters, connected by an event in the city; they don’t know each other, but share experiences and always coexist with vestiges and fragments of someone. A film about an almost city, its inhabitants and about the becoming in this common and transitory place, destined to chance. 
21min, color
MG, 2013
DIR Simone Cortezão & Ramilson Noronha
R Simone Cortezão, Ramilson Noronha
P Simone Cortezão, Ramilson Noronha
F Simone Cortezão, Ramilson Noronha
DA Simone Cortezão, Ramilson Noronha
E Virlanda Kepuska, Dellani Lima, Flaviana Lasan
Simone Cortezão

Quase Que Só Há Estrelas
There Are Almost Only Stars

Moving stops, purposes are lost, everyday empties itself. A look which always returns to the images and makes us see again the movements of cars, the work of machines, the rigidness of buildings, the feet and hands, the persons who inhabit the city, the city that inhabits the persons.
12min, color
MG, 2012
DIR Marília Lima, Nilson Alvarenga & Tomyo Ito
P Marília Lima
PE Marília Lima
Marília Lima


Colostrum is the first milk produced by the mother after giving birth. Rita adopts a baby and tries to produce this milk through her breast. But the fluid that comes out is red.
Melhor Atriz, Vitória Cine Vídeo-Brasil 2013; 3o Lugar para Filme de Ficção, Festival de Vídeo de Teresina-Brasil 2013/Best Actress, Vitória Film & Video Festival-Brazil 2013; 3rd Place for Fiction Film, Teresina Video Festival-Brazil 2013
15min, color
SP, 2013
DIR Fernanda Chicolet & Cainan Baladez
R Fernanda Chicolet, Cainan Baladez
DA Laura Carvalho
E Fernanda Chicolet, Romulo Braga, Melissa Sanches
Fernanda Chicolet
Arte in Vitro Filmes

Como se fosse da família
As a Member of the Family

All Brazilian middle class families have or had someone who’s considered “as if it was from the family”. In this film two housemaids who spent their lives working for a family talk about work, family bonds, affection and rights.
14min, color
SP, 2013
DIR Alice Riff & Luciano Onça
R Alice Riff, Luciano Onça
P Alice Riff, Luciano Onça
F Alicia Peres, Thiago Carvalhaes
Vanderlea Santos, Aurea Andrade
Alice Riff
Agência Pública

Tant de forêts
Tanta floresta
So Many Forests

A short film based on the poem by Jacques Prévert. The poem speaks of the irony of the fact that newspapers warn us about deforestation although they are made of paper themselves.
3min, color
France, 2014
DIR Burcu Sankur & Geoffrey Godet
R Burcu Sankur, Geoffrey Godet
P Delphine Maury
M Pauline Coudurier
E Dominique Chenet (narration)
Jeanne-Victoire David
Autour de Minuit

Chaque jour est une petite vie 
Cada dia é uma pequena vida
Every day is a small life

A council estate on the Mediterranean coast. Living in a modest caravan amongst the tower blocks, Rachel, 80 years old, dreams of returning to her native Algeria. Her son Simon doesn’t want to know anything about it. Stella, her granddaughter, describes them as “A really awful family”. Fortunately they are surrounded by the good humor of Yazid, alias Gino, and the entire neighborhood...
27min, color
France, 2014
DIR Albane Fioretti & Lou-Brice Léonard 
R Albane Fioretti
DA Claudine Lloubié
M Camille Hubert 
Lou-Brice Léonard
La Ville et les champs 




Fri 18.07 15h



Bianca is a middle-class prostitute in decadence, tired of the profession, going into the menopause, but has the encounters promoted by Paulão as her only income, a braggart who lives off temporary jobs, pimping among them. Ana is an unhappy woman in her marriage with Roberto, but feels impotent to take an attitude which would take her out of this place. The encounter between them surprisingly makes them gain courage to for the first time look at a different possibility in their lives, where oppression gives way to freedom and to the enchantment of a new destiny.
Prêmio do Público para Curta-metragem, Brazilian Film Festival de Montevideo-Uruguai 2013/Audience Award for Short Film, Montevideo Brazilian Film Festival-Uruguay 2013
15min, color
RJ, 2013

DIR Karina Mello 
R Karina Mello
P Karina Mello
PE Karina Mello, Cintia Meirelles
E Karina Mello, Clara Choveaux, Camilo Bevilacqua, Emmanuel Pasqualini, Rafael Theófilo

Karina Mello

سميتو حب
Eu chamo de amor 
I call it Love

An encounter, a phone call... rain and lightning. 
A love lost in the darkness of a city, Beirut.
Melhor Fotografia, NDUFF Beirute-Líbano 2013/Best Cinematography, NDUFF Beirut-Lebanon 2013
9min, color
Lebanon, 2013
DIR Elsy Hajjar 
R Elsy Hajjar
F Elsy Hajjar
Elsy Hajjar


A woman is sitting by a dinner table with two cups in front of her. She looks like she’s waiting for someone. Or is she? Sometimes it can be difficult to separate imagination from reality and the present from the past.
6min, color
Finland, 2012
DIR Maria Ångerman
R Maria Ångerman, Miha Erman
P Maria Ångerman
S Miha Erman
M Maria Ångerman
E Sandra Nedeleff, Anne Thieme
Mikko Mällinen 
AV-arkki - The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art


Passo a Due
Passo a dois
Step by Two


Gloria and Olivia live in a flat in the center of Milano. 
The two women, who turned on their eighties, are adventure's mates since more than 40 years.
Their bond, intimate and deep, feeds itself on little daily attentions. It has been brought up by sharing emotions and thoughts. Gloria and Olivia strike us by their aware critical analysis of life and love and by their irony. They have been living against traditional values and they keep doing it as they did in the past. Recalling their story, they deliver us a touching double portrait that becomes a stimulus and a teaching to new women's generations.
Melhor Documentário Internacional, Molise Cinema-Itália 2013/Best International Documentary, Molise Cinema-Italy 2013
49min, color
Italy, 2012
DIR Teresa Iaropoli & Margherita Pescetti
R Teresa Iaropoli, Margherita Pescetti, Nefeli Sarri, Arianna Colliard
F Teresa Iaropoli, Margherita Pescetti, Titta Raccagni
S Teresa Iaropoli, Margherita Pescetti, Roberta D'Angelo
M Arianna Cocchi, Yuki Bagnardi
ES Roberta D'Angelo
E Olivia Mattiuzzi, Gloria Lunel
Teresa Iaropoli 
La Filma




Wed 16.07 15h



Every heart is a nation. Mwany is a poetic portrait of a woman and her country in a foreign land.
Melhor Curta-metragem, Festival de Cinema Universitário de Alagoas-Brasil 2013; Melhor Documentário, Atriz, Direção, Fotografia; Plano Cinematográfico e Prêmio do Público, Mostra Sururu de Cinema Alagoano-Brasil 2013/Best Short Film, Alagoas University Film Festival-Brazil 2013; Best Documentary, Actress, Direction, Cinematography, Cinematographic Shot and Audience Award, Sururu Alagoano Film Showcase-Brazil 2013
20min, color
AL, 2013
DIR Nivaldo Vasconcelos
P Nivaldo Vasconcelos, Sónia André
F Alice Jardim
M Alice Jardim, Nivaldo Vasconcelos
E Sónia André, Thandy da Conceição
Nivaldo Vasconcelos

Abrigo ao Sol
Underneath the sun

Underneath the sun lies the memory of a long wait. And after the horizon? What do you think there is? An ancient, throbbing quest moves this woman, who tries to make sense of time.
Prêmio do Público do Panorama Nacional, Curta Cinema-Brasil 2013; Melhor Curta e Prêmio Especial de Atuação, MuBe Vitrine Independente-Brasil 2013; Melhor Filme e Atriz, Encontro Nacional de Cinema e Vídeo dos Sertões-Brasil 2013; Melhor Filme e Direção, Festival de Cinema de Santa Rosa-Brasil 2013; Prêmio ABD-ES, Vitória Cine e Vídeo-Brasil 2013; Menção Honrosa, Festival Chico de Cinema-Brasil 2013/Audience Award of the Brazilian Panorama, Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival-Brazil 2013; Best Short & Special Award for Acting, MuBe Independent Showcase-Brazil 2013; Best Film & Actress, National Film & Video Encounters of the Sertões-Brazil 2013; Best Film & Direction, Santa Rosa Film Festival-Brazil 2013; ABD-ES Award, Vitória Film & Video Festival-Brazil 2013; Special Mention, Tocantins Film & Video Festival-Brazil 2013 
18min, color
ES, 2013
DIR Emerson Evêncio
P Lorena Lima
S Alessandra Toledo 
DA Joyce Castello
FI Joyce Castello
E Teuda Bara
Emerson Evêncio
Cabelo Seco Soluções Culturais

No Interior da minha mãe
Country Inside of my mother

Uma viagem para a cidade do interior da minha mãe.
Menção Honrosa da ABD, Festival Internacional de Curtas-metragens de São Paulo-Brasil 2013; Prêmio Especial do Júri, Goiânia Mostra Curtas-Brasil 2013; Menção Honrosa, Festival de Cinema Universitário de Alagoas-Brasil 2013, Prêmio Filme Livre, Mostra do Filme Livre-Brasil 2014 /ABD Special Mention, São Paulo International Short Film Festival-Brazil 2013; Special Jury Award, Goiânia Shorts Showcase-Brazil 2013; Special Mention, Alagoas Student Film Festival-Brazil 2013; Free Film Award, Free Film Showcase-Brazil 2014
17min, color
MA, 2013
DIR Lucas Sá
P Rayssa Ewerton, Airton Rener
E Bartira Sá, Maria Alice Sá, Isadora Sá, Lucas Sá
Lucas Sá
MOOD Filmes

O que lembro, tenho
If I remember it, I got it

The ancient Maria lives at a middle-class apartment by her daughter´s taking care. The symptoms of the senile dementia transport Maria into time and space, forcing her to relive episodes of her early life in the countryside. While Maria is taken by the gradating regression, Joana watches, impotently, the detachment of her mother.
19min, color
AL, 2012
DIR Rafhael Barbosa
PE Nina Magalhães, Rafhael Barbosa
DA Nataska Conrado, Weber Salles Bagetti
E Ivana Iza, Ana Maria Lopes, Anita das Neves, José Carlos das Neves, Lourdes das Neves
Rafhael Barbosa




Sat 19.07 13h


A lucidez do Absurdo
The Awareness of Absurdity

A correspondence exchange between two young Portuguese women trying to reach something, a way to make some sense to their existence. You can say that it’s the beginning of a search for truth impossible to find but, even so, it’s worthwhile to try. The visions we are exposed to, directly extracted from each mind and turned into video, take us on different places and times, both physical and psychological. The experiences shown complement and react to one another in a dialogue that provokes a feeling of strangeness that characterizes the whole aesthetics of the film.
20min, color
Portugal, 2013
DIR Tatiana Saavedra & Francisca Marvão
R Tatiana Saavedra, Francisca Marvão
P Tatiana Saavedra, Francisca Marvão
F Tatiana Saavedra, Francisca Marvão
S Teresa Gabriel, Tatiana Saavedra, Francisca Marvão
DA Tatiana Saavedra, Francisca Marvão
M Tatiana Saavedra, Francisca Marvão
Tatiana Saavedra

Ab Ovo

The film shows a new life waking up as well as the anxiety that accompanies the transformation of a female body which loses its former shape responding to the internal force affecting it. The physical sensation of another human being inside the body becomes increasingly more distinct until the moment when he leaves the boundaries of the woman’s body to finally mark his independence. Ab Ovo is an extremely visual animation that illustrates the power of fertility lying dormant in every woman.
Melhor Filme de Graduação, Festival de Animação de Annecy-França 2013; Medalha de Prata, Festival Internacional de Animação de Xiamen-China 2013/Best Graduation Film, Annecy Animation Festival-France 2013; Silver Medal, Xiamen International Animation Festival-China 2013
5min, color
Poland, 2013
DIR Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi
R Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi
Zofia Scislowska
Krakow Film Foundation

Não são favas, são feijocas
They’re not fava beans, they’re scarlet runner beans

Generational conflict of people who live from the countryside, for the countryside. My grandmother and I.  
Prêmio do Público, NAU - Festival de Cinema e Fotografia de Expressão Ibérica-Portugal 2013/Audience Award, NAU - Iberian Expression Film & Photography Festival-Portugal 2013 
10min, color
Portugal, 2013
DIR Tânia Dinis
R Tânia Dinis
P Tânia Dinis, Jorge Quintela
E Ermelinda de Jesus
Tânia Dinis 


The cycle of life based on found footage and director’s home photo album.
10min, color
Finland, 2014
DIR Milla Moilanen
R Milla Moilanen
P Milla Moilanen
A Milla Moilanen
M Milla Moilanen, Raimo Uunila
Milla Moilanen

Song N°21         

Elise is a singer of Gypsy origins who is nostalgic for the era of caravan journeys she enjoyed as a child and which almost no longer exists. Today she works for the French railway system. Here she presents a rendition of the Gypsy hymn to the music of the song “Voyage, Voyage” by Desireless.
Prêmio Esfinge, Festival Internacional de Vídeo Videomedeja-Sérvia 2013/Sphinx Award, International Video Festival Videomedeja-Serbia 2013
5min, color
France, 2012
DIR Céline Trouillet
R Céline Trouillet
P Céline Trouillet
Céline Trouillet

Theatrum Orbis Terrarum

When I look at the sea for too long, I lose interest on what’s going on in the land.
26min, color
Portugal, 2013
DIR Salomé Lamas
R Salomé Lamas
P Joana Gusmão
E Ana Moreira, João Fernandes, Cavaleiros do Mar, Dr. Fernando Ramalho, Renato Cortes
Salette Ramalho
Agência da Curta Metragem




Sat 19.07 11h


Pierre e a Mochila
Pierre and his Backpack

Pierre, a 10-year-old boy, moves to his grandfather’s house, after his mother abandoned him. At the new school, Ana, Elisa and Fauna, three very stubborn girls, will help cheer him up while they prepare their science class project: a musical about Thomas Edison’s inventions.
Melhor Desenho de Som e Produção, Prêmio Histórias Curtas-Brasil 2013; Menção Honrosa da Mostra Infanto-Juvenil, Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosul-Brasil 2014/Best Sound Design & Production, Short Stories Award-Brazil 2013; Special Mention of the Children & Youth Showcase, Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosur-Brazil 2014
10min, color
RS, 2013
DIR Iuli Gerbase
P Aletéia Selonk
PE Graziella Ferst, Marília Garske
DA Ana Musa
S Gabriela Bervian
ES Rita Zart, Felipe Puperi
E Lucca Araujo, Beatriz Cruz, Emilly Mussoline, Isabela Lacerda, Girley Paes, Rafael Tombini, Luciana Domiciano
Alatéia Selonk
Okna Produções

Vol au vent
Voo ao vento

Somewhere in an autumn park, a boy throws a paper plane up into the air. The wind swiftly carries it along. Meanwhile the boy counts how long it can stay up in the air. From now on, an old lady is keeping an eye on him.
7min, color
Belgium, 2013
DIR Isabel Bouttens
R Isabel Bouttens
P Annemie Degryse
MU Annelies Van Parys

Farewell, Summer
Adeus, Verão

Farewell, Summer is the story of a baby penguin and a wolf; as the baby grows, their friendship grows too.
8min, color
South Korea, 2013
DIR Sung-ji Jang
P Sung-ji Jang
A Sung-ji Jang
MU Mee-hyun Kim
Korea National University of Arts (KNUA)


Mechanisms need wheels. Wheels should be well lubricated and set. Deviations are not permitted. Educational structure through which we are crushed is one of the main weapons of every system. Do we give our consent voluntarily or are we being charged without asking for it? 
Can we keep our focus on true values while trying to work our way through tons of informational waste, empty words and even emptier promises about freedom of choice?
8min, color
Croatia, 2013
DIR Martina Mestrovic
R Martina Mestrovic
Sanja Borcic 
Ustanova Zagreb film 

The Kiosk
O quiosque

For years now, the kiosk has been Olga‘s little home simply because her sweet tooth and monotonous life has made her bigger than the exit. To distract herself, she reads travel magazines and dreams of being far away. An absurd incident starts the beginning of her journey.
Menção Honrosa, Festival de Cinema Short Shorts-México 2013; Melhor Curta Letão e Prêmio Simpatia, Festival Internacional de Curtas-metragens 2ANNAS-Letônia 2013; Prêmio do Público e Menção Honrosa da Competição Suíça, FANTOCHE-suíça 2013; Prêmio Especial do Júri na Categoria Trabalhos Estudantis, Festival Internacional de Animação e Arte Digital da China (CICDAF)-China 2013; Prêmio do Público para Melhor Curta Animação, Festival de Cinema da Europa Central e Oriental “CinEast”-Luxemburgo 2013; 2o lugar na categoria Curta-metragem, Cadrage-Suíça 2013; Menção Honrosa, Festival de Cinema Bornshorts-Dinamarca 2013; Menção Honrosa do Júri Elefante, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Animação Animateka-Eslovênia 2013; 2o lugar Prêmio do Público (Animação), Solothurner Filmtage-Suíça 2013; Prêmio do Público, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Animação Tricky Women-Áustria 2014; Categoria Melhor Animação, Prêmio do Cinema Suíço-Suíça 2014; Prêmio do Público (categoria filme de estudante), Festival Monstra-Portugal 2014; 3o lugar e Prêmio do Público, Festival de Curtas-metragens Greipfruts-Letônia 2014/Special Mention, Short Shorts Film Festival-Mexico 2013; Best Latvian Short & Sympathy Award, Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS-Latvia 2013; Audience Award & Special Mention of the Swiss Competition, FANTOCHE-Switzerland 2013; Special Jury Award in Student Work Category, China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival (CICDAF)-China 2013; Audience Award for Best Short Animation, Central and Eastern European Film Festival “CinEast”-Luxembourg 2013; 2nd place in category Short Film, Cadrage-Switzerland 2013; Special Mention, Bornshorts Film Festival-Denmark 2013; Special mention of the Elephant jury, Animateka International Animated Film Festival-Slovenia 2013; Audience Award 2nd place (Animation), Solothurner Filmtage-Switzerland 2013; Audience Award, International Animation Film Festival Tricky Women-Austria 2014; Category Best Animation, Swiss Film Award-Switzerland 2014; Audience Award (Student film category), Festival MONSTRA-Portugal 2014; 3rd place and Audience Award, Short Film Festival Greipfruts-Latvia 2014
7min, color
Switzerland, 2013
DIR Anete Melece
R Anete Melece
P Saskia von Virág
A Anete Melece
M Fee Liechti, Anete Melece
E Anette Herbst (voz/voice)
Anete Melece

Captain Gallant
Capitão Galante

A boy and his cat journey into unknown waters with a bottle, a boat and a vivid imagination.

Prêmio do Público para Curta-metragem, Festival de Cinema de Adelaide-Austrália 2013; Melhor Curta-metragem de Animação, Festival de Cinema de Omaha-EUA 2014; Melhor Curta Curto, Festival de Curtas de Aspen-EUA 2014; Melhor Filme Australiano “feito por adulto”, Festival Internacional de Cinema Infantil Little Big Shots-Austrália 2014; Melhor Animação, Festival de Cinema de St. Kilda-Austrália 2014/Audience Award for Short Film, Adelaide Film Festival-Australia 2013; Best Animated Short Film, Omaha Film Festival-USA 2014; Best Short Short, Aspen Shortsfest-USA 2014; Best Australian 'adult-made' Film, Little Big Shots International Film Festival for Kids-Australia 2014; Best Animation, St. Kilda Film Festival-Australia 2014
8min, color
Australia, 2013
DIR Katrina Mathers & Graeme Base
P Katrina Mathers, Merrin Jensen, Daryl Munton, Patrick Sarell
Katrina Mathers
The Lampshade Collective

La Fenêtre
A janela

A young boy doesn’t like to linger in the streets and prefers to read stories at home, which make him dream. But one day he meets a girl his age and realizes that he is not at all like the hero of his book.
5min, color
Switzerland, 2012
DIR Camille Müller
R Camille Müller
A Camille Müller
M Camille Müller
Hochschule Luzern, Design & Kunst (HSLU)


Legendary characters from the Greek mythology live their lives and solve their problems in today´s world.
Menção Honrosa para Animação, Festival da FAMU-República Tcheca 2013; Melhor Animação, Festival de Estudantes Kingston Arts de Londres-Inglaterra 2014; Distinção Especial da Competição de Estudantes, Animfest-Grécia 2014; Sapatinho Dourado para Melhor Animação, Festival Internacional de Cinema Infantil e Jovem de Zlín-República Tcheca 2014 
Honorable mention for animation, FAMUfest-Czech Republic 2013; Best Animation, Kingston Arts London Student Festival-UK 2014; Special Distinctions in Student Competition, Animfest-Greece 2014; Golden Slipper for Best Animated Film, Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth-Czech Republic 2014
12min, color
Czech Republic, 2013
DIR Alexandra Hetmerová
R Alexandra Hetmerová
P Bára Příkaská
M Darina Moravčíková
Alexandra Hetmerová /




Sat 19.07 15h


O gigante nunca dorme
The Giant Never Sleeps


This film recognizes the importance of the June/2013 manifestations in Brazil and “downloads” the political memory of the Federal District of Brazil to remember the fight for the Free Pass Movement (MPL/DF) for improvement in urban mobility and public transport of the FD in the years of 2005 and 2006.
Melhor Montagem de Curta-metragem Documentário, Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro-Brasil 2013/Best Documentary Short Film Editing, Brasília Brazilian Film Festival-Brazil 2013 
15min, color
DF, 2013
DIR Dácia Ibiapina
R Dácia Ibiapina
P Camila Machado, Dácia Ibiapina
S Francisco Craesmeyer, Camila Machado
M Dácia Ibiapina, Ivan Viana
Dácia Ibiapina

A Gal and a Gun

When a mysterious “satin leblon” woman meets a “copacabana jeans” detective or A brief homage to Hollywood noir genre encountering the Rio de Janeiro scenery.
Super Montagem e Direção, Curta 8 – Festival Internacional de Cinema Super8 de Curitiba-Brasil 2013/Super Editing & Direction, Short 8 International Super8 Film Festival-Brazil 2013 
3min, color
RJ, 2013
DIR Raquel Gandra
R Raquel Gandra
P Raquel Gandra
F Raquel Gandra
M Raquel Gandra
E Dulce Penna, Lucas Oradovschi, Lucas Dias Vieira
Raquel Gandra

Sobre a mesa
At the Table

Vicente goes to his mother’s birthday supper after a long time away, meets Renato again with whom he doesn’t have much intimacy anymore, but they try to relate between the chaos and noise of the supper.
14min, color
RJ, 2012
DIR Jo Serfaty
R Jo Serfaty
M Fernanda Teixeira, Mariana Kaufman
E Roberto Birindeli, Isio Guelman
Jo Serfaty
Fagulha Filmes

Jean Marie

Jean Marie Dubrul is a French ballet dancer who came to Brazil in 1979 to work as a choreographer. Nowadays he gives stretching and classic ballet lessons. Stefania Fernandes takes lessons with him for the past 8 years and tells about the transforming process and some his concepts passed in class. 
14min, color
RJ, 2013
DIR Stefania Fernandes
R Stefania Fernandes
P Stefania Fernandes
Stefania Fernandes

Delete Deleite
Delete Delight

Deleting is necessary.
3min, color
RJ, 2013
DIR Karen Black
R Karen Black
P Ana Izabel Aguiar
E Karen Black
Karen Black

Meus dias com ela
My Days with Her

Colombian Pacific coast, January 2013. A Brazilian woman makes a solitary journey to share during a month the day-by-day of Chola, a 58-year-old woman who lives in a rural and isolated community. An intimate and personal portrait of the feminine force. 
18min, color
Brazil-Colombia, 2013
DIR Julia Pá
R Julia Pá 
Julia Pá
13 Luas Filmes



Thu 17.07 15h


Play Within a Play
Peça dentro de uma peça


A triptych which visualizes the intense experience of intimate and ephemeral moments. Simple details appear as natural phenomena which engage the viewer and give an experience of the universal sensation of beauty.
12min, color
Netherlands, 2013

DIR Yasmijn Karhof 
R Yasmijn Karhof
P Yasmijn Karhof
DA Paula Loos
E Hannah Hoekstra, Tarikh Janssen
Marta Jurkiewicz
EYE Film Institute Netherlands


Cyclone, violent circularity that agitates and wrecks the bodies. The video addresses gender violence through a danced narrative which puts in interaction the conceptual, the formal and the aesthetic, emerging a work where the language of the two authors interlaces with the composer’s creation, that finds itself in direct relation with the sonority proposed by the visual elements. 
2a Menção da Competição de Curtas-metragens, Libercine Festival Internacional de Cinema sobre Diversidade Sexual e Gênero-Argentina 2013/2nd Mention of the Short Film Competition, Libercine Sexual Diversity & Gender International Film Festival-Argentina 2013
2min, color
Argentina, 2013
DIR Ana Laura Zurek & Noelia García
R Ana Laura Zurek
P Ana Laura Zurek, Noelia García
Ana Laura Zurek
DA Ana Laura Zurek, Noelia García
M Ana Laura Zurek
E Noelia García, Aldo Rangone
Ana Laura Zurek & Noelia García

The Bride’s Farewell
O adeus da noiva

A young woman is walking through the night accompanied only by her song. The sun rises while darkness slowly fades.
7min, color
Latvia, 2014
DIR Inese Verina  
Inese Verina
M Inese Verina
ES Johanna Tarkkanen
E Anna Veilande-Kustikova
Inese Verina 

Falos e badalos
Phalluses and Bell Clappers

Rio de Janeiro, the ideal place for a monumental love.
3min, color
RJ, 2013
DIR Anita Rocha da Silveira
E Julia Stockler
Anita Rocha da Silveira

Virtuos Virtuell
Virtuoso Virtual


Synchronous to the music, abstract ink drawings “grow” in an interplay of curiosity, encounters, pursuits and confrontation. They stimulate many emotions, which carry us away on a poetical journey to a musical world of pictures.
10min, color
Germany, 2012
DIR Maja Oschmann, Thomas Stellmach
Maja Oschmann, Thomas Stellmach
Thomas Stellmach
Thomas Stellmach Animation

Separation Sonnet

A relationship told by the movement and position on the swings. A rhythmic experimental short inspired by “Soneto de Separação”, a sonnet by the Brazilian poet, playwright and bossa nova composer Vinicius de Moraes.
Prêmio de Mérito para Experimental, Competição Melhores Curtas-EUA 2012; Melhor Curta Experimental, Festival Internacional de Cinema do Arizona-EUA 2013; Menção Honrosa, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Nova Jersey-EUA 2013; 2o Prêmio do Júri, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Anchorage-EUA 2013/Award of Merit for Experimental, Best Shorts Competition-USA 2012; Best Experimental Short, Arizona International Film Festival-USA 2013; Honorary Mention, New Jersey International Film Festival-USA 2013; 2nd Place Jury Award, Anchorage International Film Festival-USA 2013
8min, color
USA, 2012
DIR Andressa Furletti
R Andressa Furletti
Andressa Furletti
MU Tai Timbers
E Thanassis Akokkalidis, Andressa Furletti
Andressa Furletti

Visão 2013 para Roberto Piva 
Vision 2013 for Roberto Piva

A film about São Paulo based on the universe of Roberto Piva.
Super Prêmio Surpresa, Curta 8 – Festival Internacional de Cinema Super8 de Curitiba-Brasil 2013/Surprise Super Award, Short 8 International Super8 Film Festival-Brazil 2013 
3min, B&W
SP, 2013
DIR Priscyla Bettim
R Priscyla Bettim
P Priscyla Bettim
Priscyla Bettim 

Vermelha é a luz do freio
Red is the brake light 

Small gestures of a long goodbye.
6min, color
RJ, 2013
DIR Cristiana Miranda
R Cristiana Miranda
P Cristiana Miranda
E Lucía Santalices, Magrela
Cristiana Miranda

Marée II
Maré II
Tide II

Wide water movement, a mesmerizing choreography of colors.
2min, color
Canada, 2014
DIR Elisa Moar
R Elisa Moar
Alexandre Dostie
Wapikoni mobile

Belles Endormies 
Belas adormecidas
Sleeping Beauties

A reverie built around the female body and its representations. Constructed as an exploration of forms, as a visual and aural creation without words and without actors, appropriating photographs found in women's magazines in order to film bodies and faces with closed eyes, to question their silence and to breathe a new life into them. Through the re-appropriation of these images, we enter the nightmare of a young woman made of paper, whose visions are the polar opposite of the dream universe flaunted on advertising billboards.
16min, color
Belgium, 2013
DIR Léa Rogliano
R Léa Rogliano
Camille Langlois, Lucien Keller, Jean-François Metz
Margarida Guia, Julien Cotteret, Joachim Glaude
M Mélodie Wegnez
Valérie Berteau 
Aelier Jeunes Cinéastes (AJC!)





Sat 19.07 17h


A Memória que me contam

Memories they told me


An ironic drama about defeated utopias, terrorism, sexual behavior and the creation of a myth. A group of friends, who resisted the military dictatorship, and their children will face the conflict between the daily life of today and the past when one of them is dying.
Prêmio FIPRESCI, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Moscou-Rússia 2013/FIPRESCI Award, Moscow International Film Festival-Russia 2013
100min, color
RJ, 2012
DIR Lucia Murat 
Lucia Murat, Tatiana Salem Levy
P Adrian Solar, Felicitas Raffo, Julia Solomonoff, Lucia Murat
PE Daniel Lion, Denis Feijão, Martha Ferraris
Irene Ravache, Simone Spoladore, Franco Nero, Clarisse Abunjamra, Hamilton Vaz Pereira, Otávio Augusto, José Carlos Machado, Miguel Thiré, Patrick Sampaio, Naruna Kaplan de Macedo
Taiga Filmes




Qua/Wed 16.07 11h 


Empoderamento feminino, políticas públicas e imagem 

Em um mundo perpassado por imagens, seja nos meios de comunicação tradicionais ou nas redes sociais, quais são as alternativas que efetivamente são construídas de forma a empoderar as mulheres? E como refletir sobre corpos, sexualidades, famílias, violências, maternidades e perceber como as políticas públicas dialogam nestes contextos?  Estimular o diálogo sobre estes temas é o objetivo do nosso debate.
Exibição do filme

Imagem Mulher


Imagem Mulher é um documentário que nasce da hipótese de que a idealização da mulher na mídia contribui para a violência contra a mulher. O filme é o registro do dia-a-dia de três mulheres, Ana Cláudia Martins, Norma Cubillos e Sandra Regina Alves, participantes de uma oficina de sensibilização em imagem e gênero, cujo objetivo foi questionar os estereótipos impostos a mulheres e o impacto que os mesmos exercem na vida de cada uma de nós. Imagem Mulher é um olhar que se debruça sobre a mídia e sobre a rotina dessas três mulheres, buscando estabelecer um paralelo. Se a hipótese inicial é válida? As descobertas compartilhamos com o público. 
Documentário, 58min, cor, Brasil, 2013
DIR Maristela Bizarro 
R Mariana Barioni
P Thais Scabio
Thais Scabio
Cavalo Marinho Audiovisual





Qui/Thu 17.07 11h


Inserção profissional da mulher em contextos de risco e violência 

A inserção das mulheres no mercado de trabalho e a luta pela igualdade ainda são constantes no mundo contemporâneo. Nesta mesa iremos discutir quais são as possibilidades e dificuldades que mulheres enfrentam neste sentido e como estar inserida em contextos de risco e violência traz obstáculos, mas também cria estratégias e alternativas na hora da escolha e do exercício profissional.
Exibição do filme
Playing with fire
Brincando com fogo

“Brincando com Fogo” é um documentário sobre atrizes no Afeganistão, que são corajosas o bastante para se envolverem com o teatro e encarar duras críticas, reprovação social e até ameaças às suas vidas e às vidas de seus familiares. Atuar no teatro levou uma jovem em Kabul à morte, e muita jovens atrizes foram forçadas a fugir do país. Anneta Papathanassiou, atriz e diretora grega, visita Kabul para ensinar Teatro Clássico Grego e documenta a vida de artistas afegãos, que tentam combinar arte e cultura sob circunstâncias difíceis, em um país conturbado.
Documentário, 58min, cor, Grécia, 2013
DIR Anneta Papathanassiou
R Anneta Papathanassiou
P Photini Economopoulou
Photini Economopoulou
Top Cut Modiano






Sex/Fri 18.07 11h

Audiovisual, protagonismo feminino, enfrentamento da violência e vida cotidiana 

Na terceira mesa discutiremos as influências trazidas pelo audiovisual, e como novelas, séries, propagandas, filmes podem efetivamente inspirar as mulheres no enfrentamento à violência, na transformação da vida cotidiana, para além das representações e reprodução de possíveis modelos hegemônicos apresentados. 

Exibição do filme 
Kismet – How Turkish Soap Operas Change the World
Kismet – Como as novelas turcas mudam o mundo
As novelas turcas tomaram o mundo de assalto, conquistando corações de milhões de espectadores no Oriente Médio, Norte da África, Balcãs e Ásia. Com um acesso sem precedentes aos mais importantes atores e talentos criativos do ramo, ‘Kismet’ revela os segredos desse imenso sucesso que transcende religião e cultura. Partindo dos luxuosos sets das mais populares novelas turcas, o documentário viaja para ruas e lares do Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Istambul, Atenas, Sofia e Mostar, para descobrir como essas novelas que rompem tabus estão ajudando mulheres de toda a região a exigir seus direitos e transformar suas vidas.
Documentário, 58min, cor, Grécia-Chipre, 2013
DIR Nina Maria Paschalidou   
Nina Maria Paschalidou
Eleni Christodoulou 
Eleni Christodoulou 
Forest Troop

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